I never knew how to visualise or meditate properly. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll know it’s not easy to quieten your mind long enough! My mind is so super busy, and I do suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder) tendencies. But then, don’t most of us creatives?


I’ve discovered some easy tips and tricks to help people with busy minds, become still for long enough to visualise or meditate effectively. These work really well for me, and I hope they’ll help you too.

 Effective visualisation is thinking about your goals and dreams, as if they are real and happening right now

1. Find a quiet space and ensure no distractions from your partner or kids. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, I know! But it’s really simple, and this is something you can teach your kids from a young age. They will only respect your time if you teach them to. Our kids persistantly display the undesirable behaviour we constantly allow, so ensure they know where your quiet place in the house is. Explain to them that when you’re sitting in that chair / at that desk it means you are asking them to respect your time and space. Give them a time limit that you’ll be busy, and try to stick to that commitment. It also helps if you have a candle or lamp that you burn while you’re in your zone. They’ll soon come to realise that when mommy is burning the candle, she’s asking for 10 minutes alone.


2. Start your session with a relaxation technique you enjoy. If you don’t have one, consider one of the following: a few deep breaths, diffusing some essential oils like lavender, soft spa music, or burning a scented candle. 


3. Set an intention for your session and write this down. What do you want to achieve? If you start with an intention written down on paper, you have a clear goal of what you want to get out of this visualisation session.


4. Do a brain dump to get rid of all the to-do’s us busy moms carry around with us all day long. Write down the whole list on your sheet of paper. EVERYTHING. We do this to avoid little tasks popping into our heads while we’re visualising. 


5. Now sit back in a comfy position and close your eyes. Effective visualisation is thinking about your goals and dreams, as if they are real and happening right now. If you want more sales in your online business, visualise getting the email that notifies you of a new order. See yourself walking to the shelf and picking that stock. See how you package it, print the delivery note, seal it and send it off to your customer. Feel the emotions that go with that process: pride, happiness, contentment, achievement. Imagine the scent of the cardboard box, or the courier bag you pack the order into. See the funds coming into your bank account when your customer pays you. Ka-CHING!


Imagine and see these scenarios over, and over again. And do this exercise for various aspects in your business. See the orders, see the increased engagement on social media, see the returns on your Facebook ads. See the stock moving off your shelf, see that new employee you’ve been needing, or the delivery vehicle you can’t yet afford.


I like to spend around 10 minutes visualising. I have a busy house too, and this is why I wake up before my kids and husband every week morning. I think you owe yourself 10 minutes out of your busy day to dream about your future, don’t you?

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Wishing you loads of success, love and light!


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I started 2 businesses while working full time with 4 teenagers at home.
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