Everyone can have an effective system to get clients online without feeling overwhelmed

You can write and schedule all your Instagram™ content, catch your child’s ballet recital, and still have dinner on the table at 7!

Because I believe it’s possible to be a busy mom AND have a successful business without draining yourself dry

Hey lovely! I’m Paula!

And I see you, bad-ass female entrepreneur!

You’re high-vibe, motivated, and passionate about making the business of your dreams a reality.

And I am here for that energy!

I also see your struggles… I know them well.

Establishing yourself as an authority in your industry and attracting the dream clients you desire to work with can be hard.

I’m here to tell you it is possible to build a successful business with clients waiting to work with you, without feeling like you have to be online all day long.

I know this because my last business failed *gasp*

Back in 2016, I started my own online clothing label as a side business. My clothing was available in Africa’s biggest online retailer, my business was a semi-finalist in a national televised competition, and I even made the front page of various news sites as a result of my online presence!

But my business was still failing…

It took me 3 years to realize it was because I hated designing clothes and organizing logistics!

But more importantly, I realized I had a passion for building a great online brand, growing my Instagram™ audiences and quickly collecting thousands of email addresses.

When my business-owner friends started asking me to help them build their social media presence, I took my knowledge and love for social media and combined it with my 15 years of corporate sales experience to build the business of my dreams.

Now I get to work with female entrepreneurs all over the world! I get to help them build a strategy for attracting clients online, and to show them that you don’t need to do stuff that doesn’t light you up to make money online!

I have a sneaky feeling that you and I are alike… we’re here to make an impact (right?)

You don’t have to worry where your next client is going to come from anymore

As a business coach & Instagram Strategist I:

⭕ believe that business should be fun
⭕ have been on the client struggle bus and I know how defeating that can be / feel
⭕ am grateful and proud that I didn’t give up and I found a system to generate leads that works for me…
and you can too!

Together we will:

⭕ Explore simple, proven strategies and formulate a custom game plan to turn followers into dream clients.
⭕ Stop procrastinating once and for all with a lead generation system that feels so good you can’t wait to get up in the morning so you can implement it!
⭕ Cultivate renewed belief in yourself and your offers so you can sell the heck out of them!

What are you waiting for? We’ve got work to do!

Now that you know what I do, 

let me tell you who I am

I’m mom first, everything else second

The movie that made me ugly cry the most was “What dreams may come”

 I own about 45 pairs of shoes and probably wear 3 of them

My favorite go-to style is a boujee pair of jeans, a tailored blazer and sneakers

At any given time I have at least 20 Instagram Reels in my drafts folder

If I could eat authentic Italian pizza every day without moving the needle on the scale, I would!

Life is too short for bad coffee, cheap champagne and false friends

Cruelty-free beauty products. For now. For always. Forever.

Being a gemini is my super power – I can analyse anything from every possible angle!

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